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Learn to Create Trading Strategies from scratch

Professional Traders create and use tested trading strategies which tells them what to buy, when to buy, when to sell and so on. Beginners often miss out on this trading strategy.

Learn to create trading strategies from scratch and level up your trading with Trading Mastermind book.


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What is Strategy Based Trading ?

Where do you fall? Do you have your own trading strategies?

Do not look for a good trade, instead look for a great winning system to trade with.

Steve Burns

There is a huge gap between good trade and good trading.


The great traders control their emotions and constantly follow the system that they have created.

Al Brooks

Now that we know how important is STRATEGY- BASED- TRADING. Lets see how we will get there with different sections of the trading book set.

What You'll Learn in The Book


The first section of the book begins with basics of Technical Analysis. How it works? What are its principles? We learn to get started, what tools to use, websites to use and introduction to charts.

We start from absolute basic here and build ahead. 


Next, we learn about different methods of Technical Analysis. We begin with Candlesticks and its Patterns. Candlestick patterns occur one after another and some tell us to buy, some to sell and to some to build on to position.

We learn how candlestick patterns work and more importantly how to form winning strategies with 30+ Real Life Examples.

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Next, we talk about Moving Averages. Most mastermind traders only use  in one way – Moving Average Crossovers. We talk about using moving averages in three manners – Using Crossovers, using convergences and divergences and lastly, a less popular but extremely powerful way – Guppy Multi-Moving Averages.

Learn to use moving averages in a very unique manner and create strategies. All real market examples.


Next we move on to a more advanced Technical Analysis tool – using Indicators and Oscillators. Some Indicators and Oscillators give us Buy/Sell signals, some act as stoploss, others help confirm strength in price movement

Together, they help create extremely powerful strategies.  Learn ADX, MFI, MACD, Bollinger Trading Strategies and create your own too.


Lastly, we learn all about Price Action based trading Strategies. We learn chart patterns, triangles, wedges, trendlines and so much more to form our own trades. We learn to identify support and resistance levels.

We will combine these with other tools to generate extremely powerful trading strategies. All with 30+ Real Market Examples.



Lastly, we combine multiple tools to create strategies and validate if they work. We go through the entire process of creation of strategy – Idea, Documenting, Backtesting, Paper Trade, Use in real markets. We make sure that only winning strategies make it through.

We will then combine these winning strategies with Risk management and asset selection and create our very own Trading System that will guide our lifelong Trading. 

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Detail Topics of Trading Mastermind book


Introduction to Technicals

Introduction to Charts

Technical vs. Fundamental Analysis

Websites to check charts

Principles of Technical Analysis


Introduction to Candlesticks

Harami Bull and Bear

Constructing Candlesticks Manually

Dark Cloud Cover


Three Black Crows

Gaps Up and Down 

Candlestick Trading Systems

Engulfing Bear

Practice Methodology


Role of Volume

Three White Soldiers

30+ Examples


Introduction to Moving Averages

Multi- Moving Average Crossover

Types of Moving Average – SMA, EMA and WMA

MA Convergences and Divergences

4DMA, 9DMA, 18DMA, 50 DMA, 200DMA

Guppy Multi-Moving Averages

Two Moving Average Crossover

20+ Examples



Commodity Channel Index

Accumulation and Distribution


Aroon Oscillator

Money Flow Index



Average Directional Index

Support and Resistance Levels

Bollinger Bands

Pyramid Trading


Intoduction to Chart Patterns


Head & Shoulders – Straight, Inverted, Slant


Cup & Handle

Trendlines – Introduction

Double Top & Triple Top

Trendlines – Construction

Double Bottom & Triple Bottom 

Support and Resistance Levels

20+ Examples

Price Action Strategy


Creating a Strategy

Determining Trading Universe

Ideation for Trading Strategies

Introduction to Risk Management

Manually back-testing Ideas

6 Risk Management Techniques

Elements of good Strategy

Including Risk Management in Strategy

Creating a Trading System

Creating your own strategy

System for different kinds of market

Practice and Path Ahead.

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Take a Glance at the Visual Pages

Sample Strategies

Here are some Sample Strategies – Basic as well as Advanced, that have been Back Tested by our team and our learners. Some of them work, some of them do not. You will learn to create, test and implement such strategies from scratch on your own.

Candlestick Strategy (Basic)


Bollinger Bands Strategy (Basic)


Support and Resistance Breakouts (Intermediate)


Elliot Wave Oscillator(Intermediate)


GMMA Strategy (Advanced)


Bollinger Bands + RSI + ADX (Advanced)


Momentum + CCI + Moving Avg (Advanced)


Bollinger bands + MFI + Volume (Advanced)


LIMITED TIME INTRODUCTORY OFFER. Get Early Access. Buy Now for Rs.2999 Rs.990/-

How It Works?

Step 1

Get started with basics of technical analysis. Understand the tools that we will be using and work around with them to get used to them. Begin with learning about one method – Using Candlesticks. Practice on at least 10 companies, the way practice is discussed.

(Reading – 120 Pages)

Step 2

Learn three more methods – Using Moving Averages, various Indicators and Oscillators and Chart Patterns. Focus on understanding how they work and spend time going through as many examples as possible. Practice identifying these on different charts.

(Reading – 160 pages)

Step 3

We call this the ‘Practice Week’. Practice as much as you can. Go about practice as mentioned in the book for each type of technical pattern. Get familiarized with identifying each type of pattern over here and what would have been the historical results. 

(Reading – 0 Pages)

Step 4

Put all the methods learnt  together and experiment as much as you can and form trading system and trading strategies of your own. This phase will last till the time you are a trader. Also, learn to have in place Risk Management System. Learn, back test and form systems over here.

(Reading – 80 Pages)

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What Our Readers Ssay


You are making a risk-less purchase. If you do not like the book set, let us know within 24 hours and we shall generate a No-Questions asked Refund!

Training Related Doubts

This is for anyone who is starting out in the field of Technical Analysis. Anyone who wishes to become a mastermind trader and is a beginner in the field, should go ahead with this. 

This is not suitable for people who are already conducting technical analysis for 2 years or more.

It is very subjective, how much time one takes to understand, practice and test the concepts. Ideally, 2 hours of effort everyday for 30 days, should be a great start. After that, the building of strategies and systems is ongoing.

Yes. If you go through the entire set and more importantly, practice and test as mentioned in the set, you shall be in a position to generate own trading calls in less than 60 days.

With time, as you work more on your system, the calls also tend to become more profitable.

You can directly reach out to our team and they shall help you. Secondly, you shall also be added in a group, where you can seek help from the community that is learning the same subject.

No. There is no course or book in the world that can guarantee profitability. If anyone claims so, stay away.

Your profits depend on your strategies and systems. That is a direct result of how much experimentation you do.

We offer both- Digital Copy as well as Hard Copy. The hard copy is exactly same and is a color printed version of the same. 

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