Know The Top 17 Equity Research Courses To Go For In 2022

“The stock market is filled with individuals who know the price of everything, but the value of nothing.” — Phillip Fisher.

Quite rightly said, and this is one of the reasons that organizations are looking for experts who know the price of everything and its value. Understanding the financial market is not easy, and it needs learning, practice, analysis, efforts, and continuous upskilling. While most of the time, equity research training focuses on making the individuals learn about the theoretical aspects, it is important to focus on the practical part. 

So, to help you with upskilling in finance and equity, we have listed the top professional equity research courses that you should opt for. Additionally, we have listed the top platforms that offer you specialized equity research analyst certification. And the best part with these courses is that you can learn them from home comfort.

Top Advanced Courses Online

With the changing time, there are hundreds of equity research analyst certifications that you can opt from. Right from the basic equity analysis courses to the expert ones, there are varied options available online that you can start with. While some of these courses are available for free, others come with a nominal fee. But one thing is sure, each of these courses will help you excel and move ahead with your career. So, here are the top courses that you can try:

1] Certified Investment Banking Operations Professional – By Imarticus Learning

This is an equity research analyst course with a placement guarantee. This is a 180-hour course packed with all the content required to help you start your career in investment banking operations, treasury & clearing services. The course offers practical learning sessions with career assistance and placement opportunities. The total fees for the course are around INR 1,30,000, which you can pay in one go or in installments with the help of EMI options. This course offers you the opportunity to work on multiple profiles with a salary ranging from 3-8 LPA.

2] Finance & Quantitative Modeling for Analysts Specialization – By Coursera

The best thing about the courses on Coursera is that most of the courses are offered by international universities and experts. This course focuses on four broad aspects: fundamentals of the qualitative model, introduction to spreadsheet and modeling, financial acumen for non-financial managers, and introduction to corporate finance. This course will build the base linked to the tools one should know when working in the equity market. The University of Pennsylvania offers this course and is suited for both graduates and undergraduates. This is a 4-month course with the financial aid available to support the fees and offers you a shareable certificate. 

3] Certified Equity Research Programme – By ZebraLearn

The Certified Equity Research Programme is a complete 3 months training. It is one with both the live classes and real-life practice in the classroom to offer the learners the best experience and skill development. Zebra Learn work on real companies in the classes, analyze them and help the students to gain insights on how to be a successful equity research analyst in the future. Offering real-life examples and hands-on training, this is one that helps to pave you to pave your path to success. The total fee for the course is INR 20,000 with the application only criteria. Job assistance is also provided with the course which is definitely an added benefit to look for. Though everything is live, you get recordings also. It is supported by the community also which helps in the overall development of the students.

4] Stock Investing For Individuals – By ZebraLearn

Although it is not an in-depth equity research course it is suitable for anyone who wants to kick start their career in finance and acquire basic knowledge of finance. The extensive syllabus is designed in such a manner that non-finance background people can also understand and utilize the information in the most amazing manner. The course is available at INR 999 which is truly the most affordable price one can have. From market analysis to strategies and linked tools, learn everything here in this course and get ready to start your journey. This is a pre-recorded course that is readily available for retail investors especially.

5] The Complete Financial Analyst Training & Investing Course – By Udemy

Chris Haroun, who has already completed the Goldman Sachs financial analyst training program and recruit training programs at other major financial firms, teaches this course. Chris is also an award-winning MBA school professor and has founded his hedge fund and venture capital firms. He teaches from his own experience. This comes with a 22+ hours on-demand video, 5 articles, and lifetime access at the fee of INR 3499. This course will introduce everything you need to know about the stock market and trading, making it the best equity research course

6] Financial Accounting Part 1 and Financial Accounting Part 2 – By LinkedIn Learning

It is suggested to go for both the parts together to gain the entire knowledge required to work efficiently in the financial market. This self-contained training course is intended to provide business professionals with the confidence to use financial data to make strategic decisions. It assists you in comprehending assets and liabilities, interpreting balance sheets, income statements, and statements of cash flows, evaluating and adjusting journal entries, and preparing your financial statements. Financial ratio analysis, cash flow analysis, forecasting financial statements, business valuation, and other topics will be covered in Part 2 of the course. Both courses combined are about INR 3000.

7] Financial Analysis: Making Business Projections – By LinkedIn Learning

This course prepares you with the skills required to make future analyses. Based on developing an understanding of making future predictions, this course is one of the most important equity research analyst certifications. The course is priced at around INR 1600 and offers a shareable certificate on completion to the pursuer. 

8] Certified Financial Modeling & Valuation Analyst (FMVA) – By CFI

The Financial Modeling & Valuation Analyst (FMVA) Certification Program from CFI will teach you the fundamentals of financial analysis. The certification course includes 29 courses and over 150 interactive exercises. The Financial Modeling & Valuation Analyst FMVA certification can assist you in learning financial modeling abilities, streamlining a budgeting and forecasting process, or improving proficiency levels throughout the accounting and finance spectrum. There is two pricing model available for the course that you can select from. 

9] Executive Programme in Applied Finance – By IIM Calcutta

This is a 1-year long course offered by one of the most prestigious institutes in India. This course focuses on real-life business cases and includes subjects from the core and special financial fields. From corporate to financial risk management, multiple aspects are covered in this amazing course. The overall program is around INR 4,00,000 and the eligibility criteria are quite basic. 

10] Equity Research Training 17 Courses – By Educba

Educba, an online learning company, has supplied this course. This program is broken down into 15 video courses that learners can access for the rest of their lives. There are no prerequisites for this program, so you don’t have to worry about having any past experience. This program will teach users how to predict a company’s finances and perform valuations in order to calculate the share’s target price. Furthermore, the course claims to include equity research, which covers fundamental analysis, financial modeling, and a real-world firm valuation. The course is priced at INR 4,999.

11] Fundamental Analysis + Technical Analysis + Futures and Options – By Rachana Ranade

A perfect combo of all the three courses at a steal price of INR 26000, this is just perfect. This will help you learn everything about the stock market, valuation, and technical analysis. The main picks of the course will also guide you about the futures and options. Offering basic knowledge about the stock market and analysis, this is one of the best equity research analyst courses.

12] Certification In Online Equity Research Analysis – By NSE Academy & Elearnmarkets

The NSE Academy and Elearnmarkets jointly certify the Online Equity Research Analysis course. This course would cover basic investment themes as well as advanced core principles in an easy-to-understand manner for those who do not have an accounting background. It covers topics such as case studies, understanding broader investment topics, outlines how to analyze a company, company evaluation, understanding the annual report, capital allocation decision, portfolio construction and rebalancing, and developing a proper psychological framework to help one navigate various market cycles. This course also prepares you to work as an equity research analyst by teaching you all you need to know about capital markets and industry analysis. The cost of the training is INR 17700, which includes all taxes.

13] Equity Research Certification – By NIFM

The National Institute of Financial Markets offers this course. This Equity Research Analysis course covers Data Mining and Data Analysis in great detail. Learners will be taught both the qualitative and quantitative aspects of company analysis using real-life examples. Furthermore, the course claims to monitor developments in specific industries, supervise research on firms in those sectors, and assess what to buy, sell, or hold in offices. This 2-month course is priced at INR 35000.

14] The Complete Financial Analyst Course 2022 – By Udemy

This course offers you everything about the fundamentals of finance that an aspiring financial analyst should know about. It includes excel, accounting, financial statements, financial ratios, finance basics, business analytics, capital budgeting, and PowerPoint. This course offers 19.5 hours of video sessions and around 17 articles with full-time access to the content. The course is generally available for around INR 3499, but there can be offers that you can avail of.

15] Certificate Program on Equity Research – By BSE

BSE offers this course on equity research. The equity research course focuses on building the necessary skills for counseling investors and financial institutions on how to make lucrative capital market investment decisions. The course provides a basic overview of global markets and an understanding of stock market fluctuations. This course will assist you in becoming a more knowledgeable investor. This curriculum also prepares you for a career as an equity research analyst. The course is priced at INR 26,552.

16] Equity Research Training – By Finladder

The Finladder equity research training will help you learn about the stock market and trading. The training also includes a free Demat account offered by ICICI securities to help the students learn better. Additionally, an internship is available with the course, which is all you need to have the practice. This course is priced at around INR 4,000 with a time requirement of around 18 hours. 

17] Equity Research Training (15 Courses) – By WallStreetMojo

This Equity Research Training course is a collection of 15 courses with more than 55 hours of video instruction and unlimited access. This online equity research course is for students and professionals interested in learning how to conduct equity research. Here you’ll find everything from basic tutorials to highly complex principles in equity research. Excel, Accounting, Valuations, Financial Modeling in Excel, DCF Modeling, Relative Valuations, Comparable Company Analysis, and Equity Research Report Writing are among the topics covered in the course. The course is basically available at INR 27999 but there are various offers that you can avail of with the course which can reduce its pricing quite considerably.

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All these equity research courses are available online which is definitely one of the biggest benefits that one can have. Additionally, these equity research analyst certifications will prepare you to move ahead with the dream of starting a career in the field of finance. While some of these courses are offered by local universities, there are few which are offered by international institutes which is a great boon. Available at quite a low price with a self-paced as well as live lecture format, these equity research courses are the best. So, just select a course that you prefer and get on board with learning today.

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