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In this course, you will learn a simple road map that anyone can follow. Avoid the pitfalls and costly mistakes that beginners make.


Invest in Stock Market with Confidence

Find the true value of your favourite stocks

Pick the Best Performing Company from 7,400 stocks

Build a high returns diversified portfolio of stocks

Identify the Strengths and Weaknesses of Different Businesses

Stop Running Behind popular stocks– no room for growth

Read between the lines of financial reports of any Company – Find Red flags

Stop Relying on Tips from Brokers and Dealers – Find your Gems

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It Sucks when you’re the only one in the room who is clueless about the stock market. It feels so complicated, Right?

While everyone else is discussing how they made 10,000 bucks in this stock, and how they lost 25,000 bucks in that stock, and you are just watching faces!

We Know Stock Market can Feel Intimidating in the beginning, especially when you are just starting out!

Because there is an ocean of information available out there! What should you read, and what you shouldn’t, it’s so technical that you almost shout in your head, someone help, please!

You Feel Stuck Because

You don’t Know the financial Jargons!

You don’t know any parameters to judge the company on!

You don’t know which company you should get started with!

You don’t know how much to invest, when to buy, hold, exit

Even if you figure all this out, there is absolutely Zero CONFIDENCE

your financial profile will guide you and tell you which investment is the most suitable for you. Learn to build a complete profile with this Book!

Get Confused with Financial Jargons
Don’t know How to Get Started
Don’t Know Which Investment is Suitable
Lack Confidence While Investing
Get Overwhelmed with Tax Planning 
Are Misled By Advisors & Internet Gurus

Often We Escape This And Let Our Money Sit In Fixed Deposits. Or We Might Have A Few Random Investments Here & There that Serve No Purpose at All

How many times have to tried to search on Internet about how to invest in Mutual Funds, Insurances, Fixed Deposit and tried to figure out the most suitable one, but just got overwhelmed and screamed in your head, someone help please?

Let me Ask you a Question….

How do we Ensure Your Exact Needs?

By Creating a Personal Financial Profile for You!

#1 Reason why Most People Fail in Stock Markets is Because they Rely on Tips & Guess Work!

People do not conduct their own research and may not know much about the companies they invest in. It becomes more like a gamble, this is absolute recipe of failure in stock market.

So the Million Dollar Question, What is the Easy Way?

You Need to Know These 3 Things and You will be Set for a Great Investing Journey

Basics of Stock Market

This is quite basic, we’ll be honest and won’t spend a lot of time here. Almost all courses should give you a foundation. This is essential to move forward in the investing world.

7,400 Companies Listed on Stock Market, How do you Decide that you want to evaluate XYZ Ltd or ABC Ltd? Based on Tips? Guess Work?

That won’t Give You Multibaggers! Then What will? Here’s the Answer – The Art of Company Selection

Most people currently depend on tips from friends, family and brokers! The problem is, if I tell you about stock XYZ, me and 100 others already know about it, we have already exploited the opportunity that was available there. A high-in-demand stock has less profit opportunities versus an underrated stock

To make Profits in Stock Market, you need to find your own Stocks, find your own Gems that are not very Popular at the Moment! That’s the Secret Sauce of Stock Market Investing

And Lastly…When We Invest, There are 2 Things for a Company – Numbers Side & Story Side of a Company 

If the numbers look fine, most people invest in the Company. But, Numbers only give you Half Information!

You should know the ‘Story Side’ of the company so that you can identify the red flags, so that the healthy looking numbers don’t mislead you!


Let’s see what Story Side helps you discover!

All these will give you a clear-cut defined set of parameters to judge the future potential of the company

This is the ‘Meat of the Matter’

These Key Modules help you first, identify those stocks that are underrated and have high chances of winning and second, Story Side analysis makes the investment a Confident Bet!

And Lastly, after you have done all the hard work, the course will help you figure out

When to buy, when to hold, when to sell!

We are proud to introduce to you a Course Solely Designed for Common Individuals who want to Invest in Stock Markets

Stock Investing For Individuals will

Help you get the confidence you need to win in the Stock Market

Let us Dig Deeper And Check What You are Going to Learn In

Stock Market 101

Stock Research - the art of company research

Evaluating Companies - Numbers & Story side

Valuation of Stocks

When to Buy & When to Sell

Market Cycles & Business Cycles

Managing a Portfolio

How to grow your money

One thing to remember is, nobody can give you a success formula that makes you rich overnight. Stock market investing is all about Patience!

Twenty years in this business convince me that any normal person using the customary three percent of the brain can pick stocks just as well, if not better, than the average Wall Street expert. – Peter Lynch

The fact of the matter is investing is actually very simple once you learn how to do it  in a Systematic Manner. Get to Action Mode now

Our Course is Solely Designed for Common Individuals. Let me Tell you Why!

We don’t want to confuse you or overwhelm you with complex theories, concepts or complex analysis in this course. Let’s leave that to experts who do this as their daily jobs. You Need Something Tailor-Made for your Needs. So, we simplified these concepts for a common person, made it more use-able and applicable for him. Let use see how..

It is our priority to ensure that you understand everything from Scratch even if you are an Absolute Beginner!

Here is a Complete Syllabus of This Course, Have A Look!

Stock Market 101

Role of Stock Market

How Fluctuations in Market Create Opportunities

What are shares and What is Market Cap?

Investing Vs Trading

What is Sensex & Nifty?

Institutional Vs Retail Investors

True Value & Market Value

How diversification works?

How to Generate Investment Ideas – Art of Company Selection

Method 1

Method 2

Method 3

Method 4

Method 5

Method 6

Primary Sources of Information

Secondary Sources of Information

How to Research within 4-5 Hours

Evaluating Companies – Numbers & Story Side

Different Sections of Annual Report

How to Conduct Business Research

How to Read Income Statement & Balance Sheet

Evaluating the Strength of the Management

How to Read Cash Flow Statement

Understanding of various Ratios

Tools to use

How to Conduct Common Sizing

Understanding Health of the Industry

Understanding Key Performance Indicators

Understanding Products & Services

Understanding Ownership Structure of Stocks

Valuation of Stocks

Different Types of Valuation

KPIs driven valuation parameters

Using Relative Valuation

How to Use Valuation Bands

Valuation Ratios for overall markets

Using Absolute Valuation

Valuation Ratios for Individual Stocks

Using Exit Multiple Approach

When to Buy & When to Sell

When to Buy a Stock

Developing your own Philosophy

Common Investment Philosophies

When to Sell

Market Cycles & Business Cycles

Phases of Market Cycle

Psychology of Market Cycle

Broad Factors that affect the Cycle

Business Cycle

Managing a Portfolio


Portfolio Attribution

Return expectations

How to grow your money?

What makes 10X investment?

What makes 100X investment?

I Know What You are Thinking, ‘I can just Find these Topics on Youtube and learn everything for Free, why enroll for this course!’

You can definitely try doing that, but again, you will find yourself lost in the ocean of knowledge that is out there. You don’t know what’s useful for you, what is not useful for. Even after months, you will still be stuck decoding basic concepts.

 You don’t want be stuck when markets are on a Rush.

You have to be Quick to the market to get the maximum benefit, Plus, this is not a leisure activity, you will be investing your hard earned money, you don’t want to risk it for a small investment in your knowledge.  

“An Investment in knowledge pays the best Return”


Here are the Benefits you are Going to Derive
By taking up this Course!

Learn the A-Z of Stock Market Investing and begin your investing journey

Learn to invest in Stock Market before the next Stock Market Bull Run

Learn to Make a Diversified Portfolio – Protects you in Crisis

Find those Stocks that Nobody is Talking about – Untapped Companies

Buy & Sell Stocks at the correct values Don’t be influenced by the market

So Start Today!

Lets take a Look at What at what Our Past Learners Say

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We Are Not Done Yet

Even after taking courses on the internet, people feel lost when they get started in the real investing world. Well, not this time, We’ve got you covered.

Introducing 101-Point Investing Checklist

Investing Made As Easy As Following A Checklist!

This checklist has all those questions that you need answers to before making an investing decision. So this time, when you sit down to find Investments, you know what you need to look for, no more getting lost in the Process!

Get this Checklist for Free with the Course

But That’s not All, we have more for you

Real Life Examples Video Library

Get access to our Exclusive Video Library of 20+ Real Life Examples absolute FREE!

Learn From People similar to your age, your background, your goals, your problems. They make their profile, select their assets and make a complete profile in front of you!

300+ Questions to Test Yourself

Get Access to our Question Bank with 300+ Questions absolutes FREE!

We want to ensure that you understand all the concepts crystal clear. So we have designed these easy & fun quizzes that let you solidify everything you learn.

Here is everything you will get with this course. Click on button and START TAKING ACTION.

Stock Investing For Individuals

Stock Market 101

Generating Investment Ideas

Evaluating Companies

Valuation of Stocks

When to Buy & When to Sell

Market Cycles & Business Cycles

Managing a Portfolio

How to grow your money?


101-Point Investing Checklist

Total Value ₹2,999.00

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We are confident that you’ll be thrilled with ‘Stock Investing For Individuals’. We are backing this offer with a 100% Money Back Guarantee. If you do not like this course for any reason, email us within 24 hours and we’ll issue a prompt refund instantly, NO QUESTIONS ASKED! 

To get started in the investing world, you need to have a Systematic Process of Filtering Companies and being Consistent. And this is what this course is all about. 

Get started Now so you can Invest Confidently in Stock Market!

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This course is designed for investors who are just starting out but don’t know where to start.  It’s also designed for those who do have some (less than 2 years) investing experience but aren’t quite seeing the returns that you hoped for, and for those who have limited time to manage their investments. 


This course has video content of 10+ hours. We also encourage you to practice along with the course so you have a solid base and can take investing decisions


Yes. If you go through the entire set and more importantly, practice as mentioned in the set, you shall be in a position to effectively create portfolio and manage your investments.


You can directly reach out to our team and they shall help you. 

DISCLAIMER: For best results, think of this training as you would think of university-level training: undertake it seriously and studiously, and you may see incredible results – but none are promised or guaranteed. We’ve made every effort to represent accurately the products we offer and their potential. However, we and our materials make no guarantee of results. Zebra Learn is an education company and in we do not recommend any investment product or offering in any way. The reader is solely responsible for all the investment and financial decisions he takes and is encouraged to do an extensive due-diligence before taking action. Please note that investments are subject to market risk and Zebra Learn takes no responsibility of a financial impact created due to any decision taken by the reader. If you’re not willing to accept that, please DO NOT GET THIS COURSE.