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School of Personal Finance gets you ready to manage finances based on Financial Goals for yourself, family and even professionally. We learn about Stocks, Mutual Funds, Insurance and more.


This school is for almost anyone – Doctors, Lawyers, Teachers, Businessmen etc. Literally everybody who wishes to manage finances more systematically.  This is also for those who wish to make a career in the field.

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Money Smart in Your 20s & 30s

Everything You Need to Know to Manage Money Like a Pro

We know that you are busy. We know that you have work to do, office to attend, business to carry out, family to attend and so on. Doing all this, is hard! We really respect you for this.

Now, you do not want managing your money to be hard. You want it to be easy. This set is exactly that. A book set for those who do not have time. How to meet your goals in the minimum of time.

Certified Financial Advisor Program

3-Month Live Training Program to become a Financial Advisor

Live Training Program that equips you with all the practical skills and the conceptual knowledge to grab lucrative jobs in the financial industry. Learn about financial advisory, financial planning, wealth management, insurances, investing, stock market, bonds, and so much more

130+ Hours of Training, Live Case Studies, tons of practice and a closed batch of 100 Students.

Simple plans for everyone

Money Smart in Your 20s & 30s - Digital Copy

  • Digital Book Set
  • 300+ Questions
  • 4+ Hr Training
  • 20+ Examples
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Money Smart in Your 20s & 30s - Physical Copy

  • Hard Copy of Book
  • 300+ Questions
  • 4+ Hr Training
  • 20+ Examples

Certified Financial Advisor Program

  • Live Training
  • 3 Month Program
  • 130+ Hours Training
  • Professional Ready