Salaries In Finance: Know the Salaries of Top 25 Finance Job profiles

salaries in finance job profiles - Top 25 profiles

A career in finance is filled with immense opportunities to stand out and shine. While you can start your finance career as an accountant, bank relationship manager, fund manager, or even sales agent, there are various options that you can select. Knowing the right field for you is best based on the skill sets you have acquired. But at the same time, there is one more aspect that you should know about: the salary part. 

So, let us look at the top career options, their basic information, salaries in finance jobs and the average annual salary you can expect as a beginner while working on these profiles.

Salaries Of Top 25 Finance Profiles

So, if you are planning to start your career in finance, it is important to understand the basic tasks that you would be required to do and the salaries associated with it as for the fresher. So, here are the basic details for you:

1] Accountant – Average Salary ₹2,50,000 PA

This is indeed the starting point of various financial jobs. One can start this job after graduation or even when the initial levels of CA are cleared. The position gradually progresses with learning and experience, reaching the senior accountant. Senior accountants are in charge of the day-to-day accounting operations. They are in charge of budgeting, accounting, and corporate spending. The average starting salary is ₹250,000 PA and can go up to ₹500,000 PA for senior accountants. 

2] Loan Officer – Average Salary ₹2,60,000 PA

Real estate, commercial, and credit loan applications are approved, authorized, and processed by loan officers. They evaluate candidates’ finances or creditworthiness before conducting an interview. They also have responsibilities to create debt repayment programs and review relevant metrics and ratios. A mortgage firm, a commercial bank, or a credit union are good places to work as a loan officer. It is an entry-level job for those who wish to move ahead in the credit line of their career. 

3] Banking Associate – Average Salary ₹3,80,000 PA

A bank associate refers to the broad category of departments and employees that work with the banking unit. It starts from the services such as a credit card or automated clearinghouse to various other partner services like insurance. This is considered to be more of a sales profile. Banking associates are responsible for selling banking products to both new and existing customers. Associates in investment banking work closely with investment analysts to seek opportunities and market investment packages to investors. A banking associate’s day varies depending on the department and current demands.

4] Financial Advisor/ Consultant – Average Salary ₹4,07,000 PA

These experts evaluate their clients’ short-term and long-term financial goals and suggest the best goods and services to help them reach them. An insurance advisor’s main responsibility, for example, is to do research and make recommendations on insurance products and to communicate with underwriters and risk managers to carry out their respective responsibilities. They are also in charge of advising individual consumers on the proper purchase of life, automobile, home, and other types of insurance.

5] Financial Analyst – Average Salary ₹4,30,000 PA

Another great and most common job that you can have as a finance graduate is a financial analyst. Again, this is an entry-level job, and with a few years of experience, you can select a line of your own. It can be credit analyst, equity analyst, risk analyst, hedge fund manager, etc. They also assess the outcomes of commercial and investment proposals. Banks, insurance firms, funds, and other financial institutions are typically hired in junior and senior roles.

6] Equity Analyst – Average Salary ₹4,35,000 PA

The major responsibility of an equity research analyst is to produce comprehensive stock market research reports. Their extensive market expertise aids investors in making important decisions such as selling, purchasing, and owning a particular investment. From keeping an eye on the market to ensuring that the investor or the company gets the right information on the funds, this is one of the very crucial posts in the industry. To gain a high income, you will also need to complete the certifications for continued upskilling.

7] Risk Analyst – Average Salary ₹5,18,000 PA

A risk analyst is a financial expert who assesses the risks associated with investments, new clients, economic situations, and regulations to evaluate whether a financial decision is safe. They give predictions about possible outcomes and risk reduction measures. Chief Risk Officers, or CROs, work at financial institutions, keeping an eye out for occurrences that could jeopardize the company’s profitability or financial solvency.

8] Relationship Manager – Average Salary ₹5,20,000 PA

A relationship manager should not be confused with a bank relationship manager. This can be anyone and can work in various firms that deal in finance. Here the relationship manager deals with the customer based on the portfolio shared. Right from insurance companies or loan institutions, there are relationship managers in every department and company. This is again an entry-level job and is available in both online and offline models.

9] Commercial Banker – Average Salary ₹5,50,000 PA

Indeed one of the most common profiles that most of you might know of the commercial banker works in any public or private bank. These are referred to as the front desk jobs that include the profiles linked to commercial, wholesale, and retail banking. The term is quite broad and refers to various profiles available in the bank. The average salary for this profile is ₹5,50,000 PA, but the starting salary can range from ₹300,000 PA. The growth potential is quite high, and the opportunities to work are immense with this profile.

10] Research Associate – Average Salary ₹5,50,000 PA

The profile of the research associate is quite important, but when it comes to financing, the need increases exponentially. The idea here is to guide the clients and companies about the trends, development, and future opportunities in various avenues. It can be linked to stock trading, investing, expansion, etc. The research associate deals very closely with the management. As one moves up the ladder, he can surely become a research analyst and senior research analyst with high-income potential. 

11] Private Banker – Average Salary ₹5,92,000 PA

Private bankers operate in financial institutions and serve high and ultra-high-net-worth clients. The Private Banker cultivates tight relationships with clients and attempts to execute comprehensive solutions to fulfill their needs. Investing and portfolio management, tax services, insurance, and trust and estate preparation are just a few services available. While private banking is intended for a select group of people, it is available through consumer banks and brokerage firms.

12] Sales Executive/Agent – Average Salary ₹6,00,000 PA

Like any other organization, a sales executive is an entry-level position in the financial department and deals with customer connections. The main aim is to make the clients aware of the product offerings and sell them the same as needed. The sales executives are also responsible for opening bank accounts and completing the document signing process for various tasks. This requires great communication and persuasion skills to ensure that the client ends up closing the deal.

13] Credit Analyst – Average Salary ₹6,20,000 PA 

A credit analyst is the first and most common job profile that you can opt for after completing the credit course. The basic job of the credit analyst is to check the credibility of the creditor. In simpler terms, when you apply for a loan or credit card, the credit analyst must check the past credit history and whether the candidate is currently eligible for the credit. Also, the role of the credit analyst is to create a report of the companies as well, which defines the worthiness of the company to the investors. On average, the starting salary is ₹6,20,000 PA and can raise exponentially with profile increment.

14] Treasury Analyst – Average Salary ₹6,26,000 PA

A Treasury Analyst is in charge of overseeing and analyzing the company’s financial operations. This comprises cash flow, income, liabilities, and assets. Businesses, charitable groups, and government agencies hire Treasury Analysts to supervise their money. They are critical to a company’s survival. Working as a Treasury Analyst necessitates a unique set of hard and soft talents. Treasury Analysts must have good communication and leadership abilities and a solid financial base.

15] Wealth Manager – Average Salary ₹6,50,000 PA

A wealth manager is a financial advisor who specializes in providing wealth management services to high-net-worth and ultra-high-net-worth customers. They offer a comprehensive set of services that cover all aspects of a person’s financial life. Investment management and financial planning, accounting and tax services, retirement planning, and estate planning are all examples of this.

16] Investor Relations Manager – Average Salary ₹8,36,000 PA

Investor relations managers communicate the company’s performance, strategy, and ambitions to anybody with a stake in its success, including shareholders, employees, management, and outside market analysts. Investor relations professionals with a thorough understanding of a company’s finances, a firm grasp of strategy and operations, and persuasive communication abilities are required in most finance organizations. This is basically one profile that deals with investment psychology. The starting average annual salary is ₹836,000. With immense growth potential, this is one of the finest finance careers to start.

17] Bank Relationship Manager – Average Salary ₹8,40,666 PA

The bank relationship manager is responsible for managing the customers’ accounts in the bank. The main role of the relationship manager is to assist the client in managing the bank account, acquiring the loan, securing the right investments, and ensuring better financial management. This is the job profile listed in the middle-level management and is usually attained when the candidate has worked for around 4-5 years. This is indeed a great profile to start working with high growth potential.

18] Investment Banker – Average Salary ₹9,42,000 PA

Investment bankers oversee the portfolios of companies and government entities that make investments in various industries. These experts assist clients in raising and investing funds in a way that aids the company’s financial growth objectives. Investment bankers are in charge of stock and bond offerings and debt financing. They’re also skilled at negotiating mergers and acquisitions that benefit investment banks the most. Investment banking is one of the highest-paying financial positions in India, with applicants with significant expertise earning up to ₹16.5 lakh PA in total income.

19] Portfolio Manager – Average Salary ₹10,50,000 PA

If you have invested in mutual funds, you must know about the portfolio managers. The main job of the portfolio manager is to manage the funds and keep track of the investments to ensure that the investor gets positive returns. At the same time, the portfolio manager must check all market conditions and guide the changes that should be made as and when required. To reach the pinnacle in this position might require you to have years of experience, and the overall income can go over ₹20 lakh PA in total income.

20] Hedge Fund Manager – Average Salary ₹15,00,000 PA

This is the most appropriate job profile for those who are experts in finance and love to learn about options like equities and debts. Hedge fund managers are frequently hired by high-net-worth individuals who want to optimize their revenues by monitoring markets. The job functions are comparable to investment banking except for hedge fund managers’ higher risk-reward portfolios. Because of this job’s long hours and technical nature, it pays a high starting salary of ₹7.5 lakh per year.

21] Mutual Fund Manager – Average Salary ₹15,00,000 PA

Most people confuse a mutual fund manager with a portfolio manager. But the truth is, these two are entirely different. The mutual fund manager’s sole duty is to manage the fund and ensure changes when the returns fall below the minimum average. A fund manager is in charge of putting the fund’s investment strategy into action and overseeing its trading activity. They manage analysts, research, and make critical financial decisions while overseeing mutual funds or pensions.

22] Financial Controller – Average Salary ₹18,70,000 PA

A finance controller is a specialist in charge of preparing financial reports for a firm, such as balance sheets and income statements. They also help with compliance audits and internal control monitoring to ensure that everyone is doing their job properly. Strategic controllers impact company-level decision-making, forecasting, and budgeting based on accounting data. This is one of the highest-grossing jobs, with a starting salary of around ₹700,000 PA and an average salary of ₹18,70,000 PA.

23] Venture Capital Manager – Average Salary ₹19,00,000 PA

Firms typically employ venture capitalists to find investment opportunities for their clientele. A venture capitalist’s role is to assess the risks and development potential of a startup and invest in firms that they believe will thrive. They are responsible for discovering investment possibilities, creative business models, or technologies, and those that have the potential to provide substantial returns on investment for the fund as the fund manager.

24] Private Equity Manager – Average Salary ₹33,00,000 PA

The money of investors is used to fund the acquisitions of private-equity management. This money is given to the investee company in exchange for a share of the profits or equity ownership. Private equity associates work with investor firms/individuals the same way as hedge fund managers do, and they put their money into high-growth businesses. Private equity is a type of private financing that takes place outside the public markets and involves funds and investors investing directly in firms or buying them out.

25] Product Distribution – As per your performance

This is a pure marketing profile in the field of finance. The candidate would be required to sell the products to the clients and complete the deals. This profile is usually a callers profile or camp profile where you would also be required to create awareness about the product to the potential customer. Though this is a great profile, the base salary is quite low, around ₹1,80,000 PA, while the rest of the income depends on the target achieved during the period.


Finance is quite a massive field with multiple job opportunities. The only need is to identify the one that suits your needs and skills. Though some of the profiles might seem to pay less during the initial years since you start upskilling and working, you can earn quite a high amount in no time. Understanding the basic qualification needs and assuring that you have the acquired skill set will help you land a better earning profile in finance.

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