Live Training Program to become a Professional

Live training program which helps you learn, practice and research stocks in live markets.

Multiple Sector of the Months, tons of practice and a closed batch of limited students.

What is Equity Research?

Equity Research is the art of identifying and then researching companies from an investment perspective. Here, we understand business strength of companies and then select companies to invest in.

What Will You Learn?

Here is what our team has created that you will be learning. Our Program is focused around Qualitative Sheets and its use in Investment Research.


What We Learn In the School of Equity Research?

Often when starting to learn about Equity Research, it is very easy to get overwhelmed about what all to learn. Our team has developed – 9-Point Business Circuit. 

It breaks down the entire process in smaller manageable chunks. We will learn about each of these tabs in great detail in the School.

Qualitative Sheets

As Balance Sheet, Income Statement and Cash Flow Statements are to analyze quantitative strength, Qualitative Sheets are to analyze fundamental strength of any given company. It is a set of three one-pager sheets.

Industry Sheet

Helps spot industries undergoing significant changes and improvements.

Business Sheet

Helps find hidden gems in each industry that are competitively better placed than peers.

Management Sheet

Helps spot management teams that walk the talk. Evaluate execution, capital allocation, compensation plan, past frauds and so much more.



Introduction to Industry Sheets

Profit Forces

Value Proposition

Financial Health of Companies

Value Chain and Industry Map

Growth, Risk and Future Outlook of Industry

Demand- Supply Evaluation

Industry Evolution

Industry Characteristics

Tons of Case Studies


Business Models

Barriers to Entry

Differentiation Drivers

Linking Competitive Factors to Financials

Cost Drivers

Competitive Landscaping

Cash Flow Sustainability

Tons of Examples


Management Structure

Historical Behavior of Management

Execution Track-record

Board Structure

Capital Allocation Track-Record

Board Composition and Pay

Vision and Goals

Ownership Structure

Compensation Arrangement

Inter-relationships between parties


Basics of Each Financial Statement

Tracking KPIs

Auditor’s Comments and Remarks

Financial Modelling

Line Item Wise Analysis

Linking Numbers with Management Commentary

Connecting Accounting Story

Linking Numbers with Valuations


Introduction to Basic Statistics

Data Sources

Designing an Experiment

Using Local SMEs as a proxy

Forms and Methods to Collect On-Ground Data

Comprehending Data

Determining Question Sets

Reflecting On-Ground Data in Valuations

Section 6 – VALUATIONS

Financial Modelling

Premiums and Discounts 

Using Qualitatives to Value Companies

Different Methods to Value Comapanies

Using Financials to Value Companies

Benefits and Drawbacks of Each Method

Using KPIs to Value Companies

Meet your instructor

Ashish Agarwal

Ashish Agarwal is a buy-side equity research analyst with a vast experience of over 8 years in the field of EQUITY RESEARCH and has been working with Decimal point Analytics for over 5 years. He has been presenting independent investment research recommendations and trading calls to Portfolio/ Fund manager by performing fundamental research on companies. He has been an equity research analyst of GCC Equity fund (AUM>USD 170 Mn – Mostly institutional investors) He had also assisted a US-Based Long-shot hedge fund client (AUM > USD 3 Bn). Ashish has generated Alpha of over 10% in FY2020.

How It Works?

  • Apply for the course. Based on the applications, 50 learners are selected to form the batch.

  • First 4 months are spent to learn the different concepts via Live Training

  • Next, cover one sector every month – Create Industry Sheet, Business Sheet and Management Sheet for one sector in a month. 

  • Dedicated support to help you in Practice

  • Practice, earn Z-Coins and get certified.

Key Benefits?

  • Be Industry Ready after going through 3 Sector of the Month.

  • Start from Scratch and learn your way to become a Stock-picker.

  • Improve your Equity Research methods and techniques and get as close to ground realities as possible.

  • Application – focused course. Learn directly from People working in the Industry.


This is for anyone who is looking to enter the field of Equity Research and Stock Picking. 

This suits those that are just getting started to those who have spent upto 2-3 years, practicing the same.

This is a hectic course and a learner is expected to dedicate 20-25 hours a week for about 26 weeks. 

It may take slightly longer for those who are able to dedicate less time to the same.

At the completion of this, you will be in a position to evaluate and understand any given Investment Opportunity. The research part will be thorough.

However, it takes time to evolve and form Investment Philosphy. So, that will develop with experience.

You will be a part of a Limited Batch Size and each batch has dedicated faculty members to support. They will help you at each and every step in the process.

Most of the training will be a mix of Live and Pre-recorded sessions. 

Practice phase will be 100% Live sessions. You can access the faculty members to discuss anyhting and everything you like.


Start Your Journey of Becoming an Equity Research Analyst and learning the Qualitative Sheets today.