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This course is for finance enthusiasts who want to decode financial statements for any business. Financial statement analysis is considered one of the most important skill-sets for building a career in finance. It mainly involves analysing financial statements like balance sheet, income statement and cashflow statement. Using these, one can take the right financial decisions and boost his/her career prospects This particular course is an extensive deep-dive into the subject where you learn to decode every single line item of financial reports for any company. It starts from collecting the raw data, using spreadsheets to analyse them, and finally taking decisions based on the analysis. Financial analysis is much more than just ratio analysis. This course is 100% actionable where we work on real companies and real data, and the learner can instantly apply it all on the company of his/her choice.

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Getting Started with Financial Statement Analysis
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Reading Annual Reports & Understanding Spreadsheets
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Hardcoding Financial Numbers in Spreadsheets
Analysis of Balance Sheet - Equity & Long Term Liabilities
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