Know The 10 Best Platforms To Find Jobs In The Finance Industry

Have you completed your graduation? Are you looking to start your career? If yes, you must be looking for the right platform that can offer the opportunities and offers to start your career. Though there are platforms like Times Jobs, Naukri, Indeed, and others, it is important to be aware of the right platform based on the job type, especially when looking for finance jobs. 

So, let’s explore the options available to you here.

Platforms And Options To Apply For Finance Jobs

In one of our previous articles, we have discussed the top courses that you can start with to gain the required knowledge for the finance jobs. Once you have completed your graduation, have the resume ready, and have acquired the skills, it’s time to know the platforms that can help you get the job. So, here are the best platforms to find jobs for you:

1] LinkedIn

It is a platform that needs no introduction. The platform allows you to create a portfolio of your own where you can showcase your skills, achievement, interest, and education properly and systematically. Additionally, it can add badges like open to work, which makes it simple for the employers to connect with you. Further, the platform curates job listings from multiple sources and allows you to network with the HRs of organizations that can help create a pool of opportunities. The benefits of LinkedIn do not end here. It also allows you to post your resume, comment on the job posts, share your interests, participate in polls, complete learning courses, and connect with employees to understand the organization’s environment. 

Benefits Of Platform For Job Seeker:

  • Allows you to create a network.
  • You can communicate with employers as well as employees.
  • It helps you to gain awareness about new positions.
  • Allows you to upskill with courses available.
  • Allows you to showcase your skills or projects you worked on.

2] Naukri

Another great platform that allows you to apply for the job is This platform allows you to connect with the companies by posting your resume and applying for the various positions based on your need and skillset. Being one of the top platforms, it also offers some additional benefits to members with subscriptions, including higher visibility and connecting with employers over chat. The platform is quite simple to use and offers resources like blogs and courses to help you gain better insights.

Benefits Of Platform For Job Seeker:

  • Allows you to create your portfolio with ease.
  • You can get the intel on the latest jobs in your mail.
  • Applying for jobs is easy with just a click.
  • You are not required to fill in multiple forms to apply.
  • The paid subscription service offers better visibility.

3] Indeed

This job board can help you find the best and most qualified financial specialists. This job portal has the advantage of allowing you to post your position for free. Additionally, for increased reach and visibility, you can sponsor your jobs. Indeed receives almost 250 million visitors each month. You may also construct a strong employer brand by creating a company profile. It is considered one of the top platforms when it comes to landing your dream job.

Benefits Of Platform For Job Seeker:

  • It is mainly used for large-scale hiring so better opportunities.
  • Part-time and internship opportunities are also listed.
  • The emails regarding the latest job opportunities as also shared.
  • It also offers listings from the local regions, even for C-cat cities.
  • Being a platform with heavy traffic, the aggregate jobs listed are quite enormous.

4] ZebraLearn Job Portal

If you are looking for a perfect platform that prepares you for a career but also offers you the opportunity to apply for the jobs, ZebraLearn is on to go. The platform offers a curated list of the various job offerings from various parts o India. You will get the opportunity to apply for internships, freelancing, part-time jobs, temporary jobs, as well as full-time jobs. One single platform that allows you to compare and contrast all the job profiles, this is indeed one of the finest to go for. Additionally, you can upskill yourself by completing various courses such as the equity research course available on the platform.

Benefits Of Platform For Job Seeker:

  • It allows you to compare and contrast various job options.
  • The platform has a direct application facility which is very easy to follow.
  • There are multiple job choices available based on the needs. 
  • The job portal will send you to the platform where you can apply for the job and proceed in your career.
  • The complete details of the job in one glance mode make this one of the most visited platforms.

5] eFinancialCareers

A great platform with high visibility and a group of around 1.7 million monthly users globally, this is quite effective and simple to use. It is a job board that advertises finance positions in North America, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia-Pacific. Jobs for investment bankers and asset managers to business analysts and actuaries are available.

Benefits Of Platform For Job Seeker:

  • It offers greater opportunities in the field of finance.
  • It offers information on various niches and the hiring status.
  • It also helps you to understand the right way to manage your career.
  • It offers millions of job opportunities for multiple profiles.
  • The platform also offers easy access to profiles.
Platforms to apply for finance jobs

6] Financialjobbank

FinancialJobBank is another resource for narrowing your job search. The site, which focuses on the United States than eFinancialCareers, allows you to search through thousands of accounting and finance jobs, ranging from entry-level to advanced. Building an online Career Portfolio allows job seekers to attract employers to them.

Benefits Of Platform For Job Seeker:

  • On this employment board, there are currently 70000+ finance jobs available.
  • On this employment board, new finance positions are posted every week.
  • Financialjobbank has about 2L firms that are hiring.
  • The platform offers better opportunities to kickstart your career.
  • The site also has a blog with tons of useful job-hunting advice, such as writing an effective cover letter and getting the most out of a job fair visit.

7] Simply Hired

SimplyHired offers excellent search functionality and personalization and the ability to remember your searches so that you can return each week and quickly repeat them. You can filter employers based on various factors, including their environmental policies, diversity initiatives, veteran hiring practices, and more.

Benefits Of Platform For Job Seeker:

  • This platform is simple, and applying is as easy as moving ahead with a click.
  • Custom searches allow you to look for jobs that match your need.
  • It also offers details on various profiles with the company’s working environment details.
  • It offers informative content like the company pages that offer details on various companies.
  • It also has great data on local jobs.

8] Hirect

Hirect is India’s first job marketplace, connecting job searchers and candidates directly with startup founders, business owners, recruiters, and HR directors. Hirect’s clever AI-matching algorithms, in-app chat, and verification tools enable users to arrange interviews directly from the app. If you’re looking to employ or find a job, Hirect is a user-friendly tool. The nicest feature of the app is the direct chat option, which allows you to communicate with decision-makers from any location. It makes the hiring process easier for recruiters.

Benefits Of Platform For Job Seeker:

  • It connects you with the latest jobs in the industry.
  • It allows you to directly apply to startups and have a chat with owners.
  • The employers on the platform are verified.
  • It allows you to create a simple portfolio to showcase your skills.
  • You can arrange an interview directly with the help of the smart features in the app.

9] Google for Job Search

Over time, Google is coming up with various options and choices that have helped it become a pioneer in the industry, and one such option is the job search. You just need to mention that post or the title you are looking for, and it will curate the entire list of the jobs available for you. This allows you to compare and contrast various positions and check the details with a click. Additionally, when looking for a finance-linked job, this is a great choice as it will offer you a wider choice and reach.

Benefits Of Platform For Job Seeker:

  • It allows you to compare jobs on multiple platforms with ease.
  • One platform to search all your job requirements.
  • Easy to use with multiple filters and options.
  • You can save the opening and even get the reminder.
  • You can also get information about the company and average salary to grab better opportunities.

10] CareerBuilder

CareerBuilder has been online for over 20 years and offers highly configurable search capabilities, so you can easily find job postings that fit your particular requirements. CareerBuilder collects job posts directly from employers, unlike Indeed. Many local news organizations also join with CareerBuilder so that their local employment advertising can be listed in their “classifieds” section.

Benefits Of Platform For Job Seeker:

  • It is a simple-to-use platform.
  • It allows you to create a portfolio for better access to various job opportunities.
  • It directly offers jobs from various employers without any intermediary.
  • It also has a classified option for local searches.
  • You can apply to multiple jobs and track the application with ease.

But that’s not it. Even after having access to multiple platforms, there is a need to have proper networking to ensure that you have access to the right job at the right time and the right place. Understanding this is important as networking acts as leverage in today’s competitive world. So, let us understand it here.

Steps To Apply On Job Portals

When we talk about applying for jobs through the job portal, one should remember that the base steps are the same for all. Though there might be some changes in a few stages, the overall steps that you would be required to follow include the following:

  • Select the job portal of your choice.
  • Create your portfolio after registering from your email Id. Make sure to register from the ID that you are using commonly.
  • Post registering on the platform, make sure to fill in all the details in a systematic manner.
  • Attach your work profiles, social media links, and other informative content that can help you boost your profile.
  • Once done, start looking for the jobs that suit you.
  • You can also create the filter based on the profile you are looking for, your location, and the type of job. This way you will get customized job insights in your email.
  • Based on your skills and portfolio, start applying for the job.
  • Once applied, keep track of the response.
  • Sometimes, you will also get direct job offerings in your inbox. If those job offerings suit you, ensure to apply them on time.
  • Clear all the rounds and you are all set.
  • Make sure to keep updating your resume with every single achievement you make.

Are Company Career Pages Effective For Apply For Jobs?

Indeed, yes. There are company career pages which you can go to apply for the jobs. When it comes to company career pages, the best part is that you can directly apply to the company of your wish without the help of any intermediary platform. This feature allows you to check the company’s details, its policies, profile details, and the option of connecting with the query desk. Apart, you get the revert from the verified mail of the company that increases the genuineness. But in this case, you would be required to fill out multiple forms based on the companies you are willing to apply for. 

Benefits For Job Seekers:

  • Allows you to directly apply on the company portal.
  • This allows you to create your portfolio and get opportunities in the future.
  • You can directly apply to companies of your choice and leave the rest.
  • Checking the status of the application is quite easy.
  • You can also connect with the company representative with the platform’s help to sort your queries.
  • Once registered, you can keep a track of the upcoming jobs via the emails received.

Steps To Follow To Apply

  • Visit the official website of the company.
  • Go to the apply for job or work for us tab provided on the website.
  • Look for the current openings, their criteria, terms, and other aspects.
  • Register on the platform to share your resume.
  • Once the resume is uploaded, you will get confirmation over the email.
  • Stay updated with the latest updates to check the progress.
  • Once selected, you will be called for an interview or GD round.
  • Post successful completion of all the rounds and shortlisting, you will receive the job letter.
  • Fill in the details and you can start your career soon.

Is Networking Important For Searching Jobs?

Many people think that networking is not crucial when seeking opportunities or jobs. But this is not at all true. Professional networking is all about connecting with other professionals and sharing expertise and information. Successful and experienced members of a network frequently offer free advice on the qualifications, skills, and experiences required for certain positions to other members of the network. 

As a result, constant engagement with other network members makes you aware of your strengths and weaknesses. You can use their suggestions to improve your professional skills and make yourself more appealing to potential employers.

Some platforms that are a great choice when it comes to networking include the following:

1] MeetUp

Meetup helps you meet like-minded people, discover creative groups, build a personal brand, and establish a business with more than 50 million users. You can communicate with people you connect with through direct messages or discussions. Over 330,000 groups, spanning from career and business to health and wellness, are available. Regularly, most groups host events. Even if you aren’t a member of the organization, you can search for events by category, location, or popularity in your area. Make a list of events you’d want to attend and return to them later.

2] AngelList

AngelList is for job searchers interested in working for startups and angel investors interested in investing in small businesses. It’s an excellent startup platform. You may use a single application to apply to over 130,000 tech and startup jobs if you’re seeking work. The nicest part about this platform is that you can directly talk to the founders and hiring managers. You can also view salary and stock option information before applying. The firm culture, size, activities, and investments are all disclosed on AngelList. It also indicates whether or not a work-from-home option is available and whether or not the company will sponsor visas.

3] MyOpportunity

MyOpportunity connects you with individuals and industries who can assist you in achieving your objectives. It is designed to help both employers and job seekers. For people looking for work, the site handles all the legwork. Its sophisticated algorithms link them with the best job, networking, sales, and professional relationship prospects.

4] Xing

Xing is a social networking site where professionals from many fields can connect, get jobs, and gain ideas for new projects. There are over 60,000 organizations to join to form networks and exchange ideas with the right individuals. Based on your profile information, Xing provides you with personalized job recommendations. It also shows you how to look for employment and create custom alerts so you don’t miss any good possibilities.

5] Association for Financial Professionals

The Association for Financial Professionals (AFP) is dedicated to helping members and their businesses succeed. The AFP created and managed the Certified Treasury Professional and Certified Corporate FP&A Professional qualifications, which set the bar for financial competence. The organization prepares members for the Certified Treasury Professional and Certified Corporate FP&A Professional certification processes. One of the country’s largest finance conferences is organized and hosted by the organization. In addition, the organization provides a multitude of career development materials and opportunities for networking and mentorship.

Networking platforms for finance professionals


Landing in the right finance job requires knowing the platforms, networking, and skills. While multiple platforms can help you reach your dream job, you must stay active on the top platforms to get the best job ever. Also, networking is important as when you connect with the professionals in the same niche, you will be able to gain expertise and the knowledge to polish and grow. 

So, just prepare your resume and a great cover letter and start your job hunt with the multiple platforms available right at your disposal.

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