Get to Know ZebraLearn

Passionate finance force, improvising and improving everyday

Who we are & What we do?

Ed-tech Platform for life long learners that offers learning programmes and workshops in the Finance domain. At the core, we follow the principle of ‘Learn by Doing’ and having in-depth curriculums further strengthens our base. We have also developed a space, ZebraClub where learners hang out to explore possibilities in finance. 

ZebraLearn is an initiative by ZebraPro, a software for equity research analysts, experienced by 120+ elite corporations such HDFC, Edelweiss, Motilal Oswal

Mission & Vision

Even after being the biggest industry of the world, finance is perceived to be a complex and challenging domain. We aim to make the concepts of finance black and white, leaving no grey areas i.e. complexities. With our teaching techniques, our effort is to simplify it and impact learners.We aspire to transform learners into leaders who make it big in their careers.

Core values

We Live For Learners Who Lead.  They are at the centre of ZebraLearn. We build programmes that ensure interactive, seamless and practical learning that takes them from scratch to advance. Our mentors come live with the learners so they can directly learn from their years of experiences. Our Clubs also help learners find their passions. 

Our approach

“What we have to learn to do, we learn by doing” – Aristotle 

Finance experts and their experience help learners implement the concepts in real life. When you learn something by doing, 75% of it is retained, whereas only 5-10% is retained through reading and lectures. At ZebraLearn, we follow this learning pyramid to develop an impactful learning experience. 

A Practical Learning Platform For Finance Enthusiasts!

DISCLAIMER: From all of our services we only educate the readers, which you can think of as university level training. Zebra Learn is an education company and we do not recommend any investment product or offering in any way. We do not take any personal finance responsibility for any reader or consumer.